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Our mission is to build an open online space for unified promo professionals where they can interact with each other, share knowledge, their experiences and access curated resources and create professional opportunities.

Promotional products are an incredible marketing tool focused upon serviceable customer engagement and physical-memorable brand experience. Our Industry witness Promo Distributor developing an idea about using promotional products in marketing or advertising campaign, procuring the products from the Promo Supplier, getting the artwork imprinted with help of a decorator and delivering it to the end customer. PromoTalks plays an instrumental role in encouraging collaboration among different community members like Distributors, Suppliers, Decorators, Associations, Buyers Group, Industry Evangelists and end customers.

PromoTalks aims to accumulate and share comprehensive Promotional Products knowledge from all the members within community. We offer tools like Product Search, Promo Product Ideas, Promo Offer flyers and Suppliers Catalogues. Here Promo Suppliers and Distributors can connect and take benefits of each other’s strength.

Our Marketing and Technology Insights gives an inside look about what advertising and marketing companies think of promotional products, what value these products bring to a business, products budgeting, ROI and also how effective products are as an advertising medium. We mention every technology development which can improve efficiency and reduce functioning costs for community members.

Find about all Promo Events taking place near you, the News about what’s happening inside and outside of Promo Product industry that adds as an advantage for Promo Distributors and Suppliers.

As it is rightly said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people”. And PromoTalks is a team of people aiming to deliver excellence and empower Promo Product Industry.

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