Top 10 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for this Earth Day

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for this Earth Day

“The ultimate test of man's conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.”

Let’s join our hands too and use and promote things that can protect our earth.

Earth Day – Celebrated on 22nd April every year around the world. It marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Various events are held to support for environmental protection.

Now-a-days, the companies are in search of the promotional products that are eco-friendly and can be given to their customers to promote their brand. Here is the list of the top eco-friendly promotional products that can serve as a thoughtful gesture, promotion and simultaneously can save our environment.

5 Piece Bamboo BBQ Set

Summers are here. Get ready for office picnic with this Bamboo BBQ set. Cook, eat drink and enjoy as all the helpful accessories are in one closed box. It has Serrated-edge spatula, BBQ fork, tongs, knife, basting brush, bottle opener, matching bamboo case with carry handle. Get the company’s name imprinted on the case and the individual accessories and make it a perfect give away for the earth’s day.

Apparel Made from Recycled Material

Today’s generation is quite concerned about their looks and presentation when it comes to their clothing or other accessories. Then why not gift them a t-shirt made of recycled material, they would be happier to use the shirt with a motto of saving the earth and will remember the company’s name too as you can get it printed in the mid of a t-shirt.

Mood Straw

Save the environment, save earth with this re-usable straw. Every time we drink a cold-drink we throw the straw. Bring a change in the environment by reusing the straw. Taking small steps will result into bigger changes. Therefore, switch to colour – changing straws for the outdoor events. Get the company’s name laser engraved on the straw and make them a perfect giveaway.

Recycled Golf Balls

More greenery, more healthy and more Golf. Start targeting golf players in your audience and gift them a perfect start of the sunny weekend morning– a golf ball with your company’s name imprinted on it. Hence, take an advantage of the Earth Day and make people conscious about the environment by gifting them a recycled golf ball whose capacity is the same as the standard ball

Eco Friendly USB Drives

If the company is committed to use sustainable material, the customers will follow the same. Promote a positive image of your company with this Flash drive. Whether you are at a trade show or a conference, instead of using paper, use a flash drive as your business card or to distribute your marketing materials. USB will serve both the purpose, the recipient can use it to store data and the other is company’s objective of promoting their brand.

Eco-friendly Tote Bags

Show everyone it’s easy to go green with these handy totes. A companion for a variety of activities like grocery shopping, travelling, craft project and much more. Even the government has banned the traditional plastic bag; this eco- friendly serves a perfect replacement to the plastic bags. Great gift for environmental groups.

Recycled Note Book

No matter how digitized we all have become but the feeling of writing on a paper cannot be replaced with any smartphone, tablet or a computer. The recycled note book will always remain a great attention- seeker at any trade show or any college event. Recycled paper book is simply the best give away for promoting any brand.

Custom Recycled Wrist Bands

Wrist Bands- a funky companion or a fashion accessory whatever you call it but they are the best Earth Day giveaways as they have geared towards environmental friendliness. They serve as a perfect and inexpensive way of promoting brand, logo or a cause.

Cookbook and Tablet Stand | Bamboo

Enjoy your morning coffee or prepare new dishes all through Bamboo Cookbook and Tablet Stand. No need to handle the book in your hand while trying a new recipe, also no need to hold the touch screen tablet just a cup of coffee as stand rests easily on any table or kitchen counter surface and fold up easily. Customers will always be thankful for this giveaway as the company’s name will be in front of your clients.

Eco Water Saver Shower Timer

Water is need of everyone. How about promotion idea saving water? There are lot many places where there is scarcity of water. Shower timer serves the purpose of saving water. Municipality and utility companies can promote water conservation initiatives with this shower timer and this would be helpful for every one whether a child or an adult.

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