How to Capture Your Customer’s Attention

How to Capture Your Customer’s Attention

With completion & technology, it is becoming harder than ever to connect with customers and capture their attention. Every business has this challenge of drawing more and more potentials & customers since more customers’ means more business.

First-step in this direction is to ‘understand’ your customer and adapt your strategy accordingly. Every marketing & sales initiative like email marketing, business presentations, one-to-one meetings with customers should focus on ensuring that your customers is receiving and focusing on your marketing message.

Here are a few ways through which you reach out to maximum number of customers and capture their attention.

1. Build Trust

The first and the foremost thing in any relationship is trust. You need to put efforts to build trust among your customers and half the battle is won.

Customers are always busy thus their time and attention is valuable. Therefore, demonstrate your commitment by sharing resources that help them address their challenges and make them feel fulfilled for the time they spent was worth spending and always appreciate them for giving their valuable time.

2. Be Realistic and Unique

It is not important what you think of your products or services, it is important what your customers think about it. You can study and analyse your competitors however do not copy. Try to be realistic and unique.

3. Focus on Creating Customer Connections

When you try to reach out to customers, try to create a human image of your business and business representatives should be encouraged to inquire about a customer’s hobbies, interests and needs as it would help in creating an emotional connection between the business and the customer.

In return it would develop brand loyalty that would result in consistent sales and word-of-mouth advertising which would help you improve and grow your business reputation.

4. Identify your Customer’s needs

As an entrepreneur, just stop focussing solely on the product you want to sell, instead develop an open line communication with the customer and make them believe that your business is responsive and they are at a right place.

Have answer ready for this question: What is my business offering that people need and can’t find elsewhere? Once you get an answer to this question, you will attract greater attention.

5. Leverage Multiple Communication Channels

There are various forms of communication channels available these days, by giving customers a choice how to reach you in a user-friendly way would drive more leads and sales.

Customers get to choose the way to communicate that’s most convenient for them that will simultaneously bring in more business.

6. Be Alert

The role of an entrepreneur is to engage with customers, understand their needs and make them understand about the product or service they would opt for.

Once the rapport is built with the customer, they will remain attracted towards your services. It might happen that they may not return in a month or a year but it is important to keep your mind open as a good conversation might bring you a connection that could be good fit for you somewhere down the line.

7. Figure out who the Right Customers are

Just to grab the customers attention doesn’t mean you start conversing with everyone as time is precious for everyone. You need to decide on whom you should spend your time with marketing your business as conversing with the right people will help you not only generate single lead but it would also generate positive Word of Mouth (WOM) publicity for your business in future.

Therefore, be selective about who you spend your time with and focus on those customers that would gain something from what you have to offer.

8. Focus on Benefits

Instead of just exaggerating about your product details, grab the customer’s attention by focusing on the benefits they would cherish if they avail your service/product.

Customer would definitely like to know the product details but primarily they would like to hear the impact of the product/service. Therefore, express in a way that shows how the feature solves a problem or fills a need.

9. Inform Customers about Vital Information

Possibility is there by conveying your vital information to the customer might make your competitors discover you or they might copy your work but sometimes you need to take that risk to stand out of the crowd and grab customer’s attention.

10. Give Attention to Get Attention

There is a very common saying, “Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to” similarly if you give your attention to your potential customers, it is more likely that you will get their attention reciprocally.

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