Mobile Marketing Tips to get it right for Promotional Products Distributors

Mobile Marketing Tips to get it right for Promotional Products Distributors

Promotional products distributors needs to adapt to the growing influence of mobile for strategizing a successful marketing and advertising plan. Serving the mobile audience has now become incumbent not only to stand up to your competitors but to remain in the game.

A Responsive Website

It was in April 2015 that Google made the big change in its algorithm and made responsive web design a.k.a mobile friendly website as one of the factors for ranking. If you have not made your website responsive yet, it’s high time to get it done.

40% of smartphone and tablet owners search for B2B products on smartphone or tablets (source: Hubspot). This stat is enough for any promotional products distributor to understand the gravity of the situation if your website is not optimized for those devices. If a buyer is able to navigate through your website effortlessly that’s the best user experience which enables the buying process. Any website which is difficult to interact with, is abandoned within a matter of seconds and sure you do not want to be one.

Emails that are Mobile friendly

Emails being accessed from a desktop may soon be considered a pre-historic behavior. Don’t you believe? 68% of emails are now opened in mobile devices and that number is on an upsurge. Sending responsive emails will decide whether you get noticed or surrender to oblivion.

If email marketing is a part of your marketing plan, ensure it is optimized for mobile. Responsive emails make it easier for the recipients to consume the content of your email with ease on mobile.

Mobile Advertising

Successful advertising and marketing depends hugely on, where your customers are? Where do they spend their time? Mobile ad spends is expected to grow 45% this year (source: eMarketer). If you want to get noticed and get the maximum ROI from your ad spends then, be where your customers are, and mobile is the place to be. Advertising on Apps, websites or blogs should be into your digital marketing arsenal. Getting professional help from mobile marketing agencies will be a wise decision to get started.

Unleash the power of Social Media

Social media dominance has reached great heights with the growth of smartphones and internet. Social media advertising targeted for mobile users can have a huge impact in initiating customer interaction and engagement if done smartly. Start everything with a mobile first approach and it will help you accomplish your business goals in targeting your customer base.

Test, Test and Test…

No matter what you do, do not forget to measure the results that your efforts are garnering. Use analytics tools that will give you a deep insight in knowing how your marketing activities are paying off. Identify what is working and needs more attention and what needs to be modified to make it work. Keep trying to incorporate new methods and ideas because their lies the key to mobile marketing and getting success.

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