Harpe+Scott Receives B Corp Certification

Last Updated On: 04/27/2020
Harpe+Scott Receives B Corp Certification

The NYC- based distributor Harper+Scott has received a B Corporation certification after rigorous six-month process.

The certification process involved assessment of governance, financial transparency, employee satisfaction, vendors, environmental practices and overall customer engagement.

Michael Scott Cohen and Jon Alagem, six years ago, ingrained Harper+Scott, with an aim on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.

Cassandra Ross, director of operations, joined the company about a year ago aiming to help the company work toward this certification.

As per Ross, “Sustainability is about materials, as well as looking at using products that people will keep longer. And the B Corp is about using business as a force for good that enriches people’s lives.”

“There’ve been companies that were willing to spend a lot of money with us, but we chose not to work with them from an ethical and CSR standpoint,” says Alagem, president and co-founder.



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