10 Unique T-shirt Fundraising Platforms

10 Unique T-shirt Fundraising Platforms

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving”, Hank Rosso said in a classic book named ‘Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising’. Fundraising is not that easy as it seems. It’s a skill.

Though to accomplish a project or a cause, achieving the financial strength is important; therefore fundraising is an essential activity.

Question is how to do it? Is there any platform to do it? How do they work?

Yes, there is a way. Although there are various ways to raise funds however nothing beats t-shirt fundraising as a concept. All you need is to customize a t-shirt with a right slogan on it and then sell it. People love to buy such t-shirts.

This strategy is used to raise funds for charity, arranging walks, art auctions and concerts.

Well, below are the major platforms that can be used for t-shirt fundraising! For work procedure, you will just have to

  1. Design a T-shirt
  2. Launch on any fundraising platform
  3. Promote T-shirt concept through Social Media
  4. Let People know of your cause
  5. People Buy t-shirts from these platforms
  6. Platform ship directly to the buyer

Here are a few major T-Shirt Fundraising Platforms

  1. Bonfire
  2. Fundly
  3. Zexex Sports
  4. Inkd Apparel
  5. Nature’s Vision
  6. Qgiv
  7. Fan Cloth
  8. Charidy
  9. Click & Pledge
  10. DonorDrive


Bonfire – a t-shirt fundraising platform has an in-built fundraising option. It is the most flexible option available which lets you sell your custom t–shirt by creating a crowd funding campaigns or even you can place order for customized clothing.


Fundly, primarily a crowd-funding campaign has no raise requirement or start up fees. Here you can set minimum and suggested donation amounts, encouraging donors to give as much they can. At this, you can offer your unique t-shirts to your donors as rewards or add-ons.

Zexex Sports

Zexex Sports, one of the popular fundraising platform for teams and clubs. With Zexex sports, you can create a team logo and then select products from the site’s catalog. Then you will have to set-up your online team store with the platform. Hence, the site takes care of the design aspect and you will have to spread the word for your fundraiser.


Inkd Apparel actively works with non-profits for creating t-shirts that represent a cause and give their expert campaign advice too. Then an Inkd Expert builds a fundraising website that non-profits can share online.

Nature's Vision

Nature’s vision is a unique fundraising that focuses on environment friendly products. Their t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and have a wide range of animal and nature - themed designs. This site is perfect smaller non-profits. Nature’s Vision provides free fundraising catalogue and donation request letters too.


Qgiv is not exactly a fundraising platform but robust peer-to-peer fundraising software that provides an online storefront where non-profits can directly sell t-shirts to donors.

Fan Cloth

Fan Cloth, a t-shirt fundraising platform designed specifically for sports teams and schools. This site offers an incentive program that motivates students as well as sports people so that everyone gives their best to raise funds.


Charidy, a fundraising platform has loads of useful features. This platform guides you to get help for goal setting analysis, marketing plan, campaign and tax receipts. The use of Matcher Pledges feature helps in quadruple donor contribution.

Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge is one of the most popular t-shirt fundraising platforms for non-profits. This site allows creating personal fundraising page, post pictures and videos as well as link to social media pages. It has a feature to track the campaign and report the results.


DonorDrive is another useful and advanced fundraising site for your t-shirt campaign for any event. The site has scalable software which means organization can enhance their fundraising efforts. It also provides training and support to set a campaign.

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