5 Useful Social Media Marketing Tips for Promotional Product Distributors

5 Useful Social Media Marketing Tips for Promotional Product Distributors

Social media marketing helps promotional products distributors by offering instant access to a diversified network of customers while also providing an effective platform to showcase your products. Many wonder how to set up a thriving social media strategy? Here are some useful tips that would make your social media strategy feel like breeze.

Pick the best options

The best social media platforms are those which provide the most customer engagement. Social Networking Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ fits the bill. If you haven’t already, create an account with each and familiarize yourself with each platform. Instagram and Flickr, are sites to look into as well. For platforms like Instagram and Flicker optimize your profile and include your website’s link in the ‘Bio’.

Stay active on the social networks

Your level of engagement with customers is directly related with how active you are on each platform. Start posting two or three times a week on each platform. By posting regularly, you are keeping your audience engaged with you and what you have to offer. But, remember to keep your posts to no more than 2 or 3 as you do not want to be viewed as spam by your audience.

Also, if someone follows you, take the time to check out their profile and send them a personalized thank-you via direct message or a tweet, rather than a canned automatic response. This will add a human touch along with giving you a chance to promote your products and/or specials. You can also inform your audience about special offers and share promotions and news with them.

Post about different topics

One thing you ought to keep in mind is to keep the content you present to your audience fresh. Post about different topics; the more the variation, the better. Post about products that are in vogue among customers, new and innovative products in the market, successful promotional campaigns of popular brands, personal anecdotes and the kind of topics you think will best appeal to your customer base.

Consumer engagement

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, consumer engagement is the most important aspect. Conducting surveys and polls and seeking feedback are great ways to prompt engagement. Think about your consumer. What would he like to read? Always aim at a mixture of photos, links to helpful articles, and original content such as special offers, company news, and links to your blog posts.

Use Quality Images

When marketing yourself using social media, it is important to use high-quality images. This aids in creating a post that your readers will want to click on. Explore online, you can find some amazing editing tools to create appealing, properly sized images you can easily use in social media posts. Once the images are ready, you can post them across various social media platforms and can also show them in trade shows.

Have Fun

The more you market yourself through Social Media the easier and more fun it will become. It is a great platform to showcase your brand, your capabilities and also provide a human touch to your business. However, remember that whatever you post is a reflection of your brand. If you make good connections with your audience and nurture them, your community will grow and you’ll build trust among them. In more time you’ll reach a larger audience and be able to grow your business as a result.

Happy Social Media Marketing!

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