Planning to Launch your Promo Products Website?

Planning to Launch your Promo Products Website?

Launching a Promo Products Website could be stressful and complicated. A numbers of factors are needed to be considered during preparation of website launch and post launch too. Here are certain things one need to know before launching a promo product website:

  1. Select the closest Domain Name and Web Host

  2. Domain name is the first thing which your customers and prospect will remember; it’s a web address that user will type into the URL search bar to reach out to your Promo Products website. It’s a unique name that identifies a website and you should always think of a unique domain name which should be closest to your idea of business and services or products offered. Including your business speciality, location or personal name in the domain name will be an added advantage.

    A web host is a physical location where you site and all its content will be stored. Select between shared or a dedicated hosting based on the size of your website and features i.e. overall storage space needed and control.

  3. Design your Promo Products Website

  4. Promo Products Website

    Nail out all the design issues to grab viewer’s attention. It is more important to make sure that your promo product website is completely responsive and looks perfect on all web browsers and across all devices like mobile device, tablet, laptop and desktop as majority of people prefer accessing websites using mobiles over desktop.

    Using a pre-designed, responsive theme may save you time to launch your website. Thousands of business specific themes are available through different themes marketplaces.

  5. Find a Promo Website Developer

  6. Promo Website Developer

    Finding the right web developer to build the Promo Products website is next crucial step. Developer should have certain mandatory skills and knowledge like UI/UX, Core development languages, database structure etc. Consider following factors to determine whether the web developer is right found:

    • Does your web-developer have any past experience of developing Promo Products website?
    • Developer’s availability to complete website development within stipulated time-frame.
    • Fit well within your website development budget.

  7. Start Building Content, Images and Products

  8. Content, Images and Products

    Content: Content plays an important role in converting a website visitor into a buyer. Your website should have powerful engaging content talking about your vision, mission and over-all goal of the business. At this stage, make sure to optimize your content with targeted keywords and its density. Also, build a contact/customer service page so potential buyers can easily get in touch with you

    Images: Images makes the first impression of your business and website in front of your visitors. Searchers are more inclined towards websites with modern-looking images showcasing the brand story, services offered and products. Either you can opt for Royalty free images or paid stock image. Also in trend is to design custom images using multiple images, designing affects and typography.

    Products: Product Page is a like a heart of your Promo Products website. This page needs your maximum attention and best detailing. Few mandatory features for your product page are:

    • Complete Product Name and Product Code/SKU
    • Product Images
    • Short and Long Description
    • Pricing Structure
    • Attributes Information like Sizes, Colors, and Shapes
    • Inventory Status
    • Supplier Name and Material details
    • Shipping Information like carton size, weight etc.
    • Decoration Details like allowed Imprint areas, size and imprint methods
    • Compliance Information

  9. Activate the SSL Certificate

  10. To gain trust from consumers SSL certificates is important for any Promotional Products website. These certificate conceals the sensitive information customers provide such as payment info, which makes it difficult for hackers to steal information. Having these certificates provides the green lock you see next to URLs when shopping online, and will change the link from “HTTP” to “HTTPS”.

  11. Choose a Payment Gateway

  12. Payment Gateway

    Payment Gateway is an online service that helps in processing payments online; it helps merchants to accept credit card and other forms of payment through internet transactions securely via website.

    To experience a significant hike in sales a company should be able to satisfy its customers with its services and ease of making payment and security behind it plays a major role in this whole process to gain trust of your customer.

    Selection of Payment depends on their fees and compatibility with your website technology. A few examples of Payment Gateway are: PayPal, WorldPay, Stripe, etc.


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